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I start my post with a mental play with few steps.

1) Think about any system you imagine.

2) Is it possible to decompose it into transportation, energy and communication subsystems? It is nice to use examples.

3) If you want to make a change in the system behavior, what kind of interventions is needed?

I give one example.

1) Myself.

2) In my breakfast I eat a nice piece of Finnish rye-bread. I have a good feeling of having it in my stomach. But, I am still hungry.

So, to the food travels from my mouth to the stomach, I need transportation. In the stomach, the good feeling might be related to converting the food into energy, while my ”hungry feeling” is my body communicating that ”this is not enough, eat more”.

3) I want to get stronger and build muscles. Considering that I have a nice workout routine, I need more energy. A possible intervention is to create an habit of eating more, even when my body is not asking to do so. For example, eat high-energy snacks every two hours plus big breakfast, lunch and dinner.

This example may look too simplistic, but the analytical framework seems to me very flexible and open for (much) further developments. I may include the kind of workout, the kind of food I am eating etc etc. It is also open enough to include any other system from your car to the whole economic system.

But, wait… What this has to do with BCDC?

Let’s do the same simple exercise

1) Electricity system

2) Energy converted to electricity, that needs to be (physically) delivered to be used where it is demanded. But, if I use energy, I need to be charged by my usage. In this way, who charges me know my demand, and I shall know from what I am being charged.

3) Goal: scale up the renewable sources in the electricity generation mix in Finland. A possible intervention is to install in the system solar panels and batteries at individual households and motivate them to be virtually grouped in order to share their electricity and/or to go to the market trade their surpluses.

So, this is roughly speaking our approach: building the social-technical-political interventions to change the dynamics of the electricity system so that renewable electricity can scale up smoothly.

Tutkijatohtori Pedro H. J. Nardelli tekee aktiivista tutkimustyötä BCDC ICT -tiimissä. Kuva: Kati Leinonen.

Postdoctoral Researcher Pedro Nardelli, photo Kati Leinonen

Pedro H. J. Nardelli
Postdoctoral Researcher
Oulu University, Centre for Wireless Communications CWC

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