“Sustainable Campus” project at the University of Campinas: A living lab for renewables’ integration, energy efficiency, IoT and mobility

Can the world be powered by renewables?
Vierailupostaus Oulun yliopiston Science with Arctic Attitude -blogista 8.10.2018

How much storage does the ”Energiewende” need? 17.1.2018

Time for Evolution 22.9.2017

Coordination signals and automatic demand-response 24.2.2017

Electricity grid modernization process 19.9.2016

Nardelli (and many suggestions from Florian Kühnlenz and Mauricio de Castro Tomé):
Inventory management, efficiency and electricity (for non-technical people – The egg-blog) 5.4.2016

A mental play about system behaviour 22.12.2015

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Why Smart Meters And Real Time Prices Are Not The Solution
Science  Trends 26.3.2018



Future power system needs 6G
Oulun yliopisto, 12.10.2018

Kühnlenz, Pouttu & Svento:
Keep On Talking #4: The Complex Electricity system – Technical Balancing of Production & Consumption


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